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CredentialEvaluations.org is a fully accredited credential evaluation agency. Our low-cost services are provided to individual clients, companies, public and private schools, colleges and universities, various licensing boards, immigration attorneys, and government agencies. We provide our clients with an analysis and academic equivalency certification of their foreign educational credentials to that of the United States (or Canadian) educational systems.

Evaluations are completed next day, and same-day rush services are also available. Academic credential evaluations are developed in accordance with the established guidelines of the leading academic credential evaluation organizations.

Your certified Course by Course credential evaluation comes with our 100% Acceptance Guarantee at all schools, colleges, universities, employers and government agencies nationwide. With the industry's best prices, don't risk your credential evaluation to just anyone. See over 1,500 excellent client reviews and let's get started!


Nobody beats us on price, speed, or quality. Did you know ECE.org requires your old school to send your transcripts (in the mail!) to ECE? If they receive your transcripts, ECE.org then takes more than twice as long and costs almost three times as much to evaluate your documents. ECE.org fees are non-refundable once paid.

With a Next Day guarantee, we will analyze your educational certificates and transcripts and issue your foreign degree evaluation certification as to the United States’ (or Canadian) equivalent degree - including GPA and credits - from as low as $99. Low cost translation and same day rush services are available if needed.

Take a look at our excellent reviews. This is a limited time offer available here only. To get started, simply email a scan or picture of your transcripts here . Our friendly staff are waiting to help.

Questions? See our FAQs for more information, or chat with us online from 6am-9pm PST, Monday-Friday.

CredentialEvaluations.org provides three types of foreign academic evaluation reports:

General Evaluation (from $49)

A General evaluation identifies and describes the awarding institution, the admission requirements for the certificate/diploma/degree, the program type, date of graduation, certificate/diploma/degree earned, post-secondary school information, our evaluation methodology, the evaluator's CV, document citations, and certification to the U.S. educational equivalent. A General evaluation is the minimum type of foreign academic evaluation available, and may be suitable for limited employment or continuing education purposes.

Standard Course by Course Evaluation (from $99)

A Standard Course by Course evaluation includes all aspects of the General evaluation as well as the list of subjects studied, individual grade conversion into the U.S. grading system, and calculation of both the Grade Point Average (GPA) and post-secondary credits earned. Standard Course by Course evaluations are typically required for any type of continuing education or employment purposes.

Immigration Course by Course Evaluation (from $199)

An Immigration Course by Course evaluation is the gold standard of evaluations, and includes all aspects of the Standard Course by Course evaluation as well as the education narrative, as required by USCIS for visa approval purposes. An Immigration Course by Course evaluation is required for US visa and immigration applications, and can also be used for continuing education or employment purposes.

Certified Translation ($24.99/page)

We are American Translator Association members and translate documents, credentials, diplomas and transcripts from any language into English for the low price of $24.99 per page (up to 250 words per page). Our translations accurately identify degrees, diplomas and certificates, and are certified as to accuracy. Mailing of the certified translation is included with your evaluation order.


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