About Us

CredentialEvaluations.org is a Validential Corp. site. Headquartered in Orange County, California, Validential is ranked #1 in America for next day evaluations, and is a nationally recognized and accredited academic evaluation agency that powers the largest network of foreign academic evaluation sites. Validential also provides private-label credential evaluation services to colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

Since 2014, Validential has specialized in academic evaluations to U.S. or Canadian standards of all types of international academic documents from virtually all countries. We process thousands of evaluations each year for our individual clients, immigration attorneys, public and private schools, colleges & universities, government and corporations. Our evaluations are used for a wide variety of purposes including continuing education, employment, and visa/immigration applications (traditional and refugee).

Academic evaluations are based upon a deep understanding of varying educational systems around the world, ongoing research and training, and comprehensive foreign academic evaluation experience. Foreign academic evaluations follow published AACRAO guidelines, and are produced in accordance with best practices as promulgated by AACRAO, NAFSA, TAICEP, NAGAP and EAIE (and as adopted by our agency).

Past academic equivalency evaluations are accepted regularly by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of the United States Department of Homeland Security, as well as by a wide variety of US educational institutions and employers.

We use our proprietary technology platform to deliver your superior academic evaluation in the fastest time, and at the industry's lowest prices. We're passionate about customer service, with seven day per week sales and support. Read over 1,500 reviews HERE from our recent clients!